Earlier this year we asked New Zealanders to let us know about their experiences of work – all the way from their first job through to their hopes and fears about work in the future.

We’ve had an amazing response to our Future of Work survey so far. Almost 3500 New Zealanders from Kaitaia to Bluff have written in to contribute their experiences and give their opinions on how we can make our workforce ready for the Future of Work.

There are some common themes coming through:
-  Many people are excited about the opportunities emerging technologies can bring but several respondents have raised concerns about the screen time our young people are getting.
-   Lot of workers who have responded to our survey enjoy having more flexible hours, but are frustrated at having to be constantly on standby and not knowing how much work they will get from week to week.
-   Balancing satisfaction in your work against feeling undervalued because of potentially low wages continues to be an issue for some people.
-   Older workers have a lot of experiences they want to share and harnessing this potential will be an important part of the changing nature of work and the ability of people to retrain – at any age.

These are just some of the issues coming through in your survey responses. No doubt others will emerge as more people begin to share their experiences of work.

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